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No matter what is your poison, or your addiction, drugs are a sense of taking ourselves out of a world we no longer what to live or feel for a few hours. 

I remember the first night I smoked. I had just got dumped. While I was on acid ( regrets the whole trying acid thing ) I was with a few friends and they all were begging me to smoke. I decided why the hell not what did I have to lose and I probably wouldn't even like it. 

I didn't like it, I also wasn't doing it right ( how was I not doing it right, well thats a whole other story. )

Smoking took me out of my world, I went from being stressed and always overthinking being high strung. Smoking made me feel like I had control, like I finally could see everything around me clearer. 

When I first tried smoking I thought it was going to be something like drinking and that I was going to become like addicted or something of the sorts.
It was a way different experience than drinking and it actually help me stop drinking. I didn't need to smoke everyday. Or even ever week. It wasn't like when I developed a problem with alcohol where I needed to get completely wasted every time I got a chance. 

With smoking I didn't wake up with a pounding hangover and lose function for that whole day. I was still me, except way less stress. 

I honestly can not wait for the day it becomes legal.
It has helped me so much with my depression, anxiety, and insomniac that any prescribed medicine as ever helped me.



18 years of living 👽🍁💨 Living life on the edge of regret

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