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" don't you ever dare put me second, when I put you first."
Do you remember in middle school playing dodgeball?
If you were the kid like me then you know how it was to always be    picked last, well of course unless you were the leader.
I remember that feeling, knowing how I wasn't good enough, or skinny enough, or alethic enough. 
As I started to grow up, I soon began to realize that my life was    still in an endless round of dodgeball.
To this day I am still not picked first.
I began to except my fate of being the loser of my own life.
No longer did I feel in control of something I should of had control of, my life.
I excepted my fate as some would say.
It had taken years to get to a spot where I said enough is enough I  will no longer be put last.
Last place always sucked, and I no longer would play a game I would  end up losing. NO way in hell was I gonna let myself live a life of  such misery.
I know when to walk away know.
What I deserve.
What I need in my life.
In my relationship.

" if you want me in your life, put me there. I shouldn't have to fight for a spot."


18 years of living 👽🍁💨 Living life on the edge of regret

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