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“Why don’t you love yourself?”

“Why don’t you love yourself”

My mom used to say a while back, you will never have a successful relationship until you love yourself. How can I love myself though? I don’t see my worth. I don’t see how beautiful I am. Or atleast thats what I am constantly told. My mom tells me its cause of my dad. 

My dad. 

Those two words always came with a sudden sadness and I guess my mom was somewhat right. My dad broke my heart before any stupid boy could come along to do so. See I have never heard the words ” you are beautiful” or any of the sorts from the father. I guess that could be some sort of reasoning behind my self-loath towards myself.  


How can I blame others though? Its my fault. Shouldn’t I be able to see my beauty… Throughout the years I have been called the worst but the only thing getting me through was not believing them. Or was I just pushing aside the words. And deep down I did believe them. 

“Why don’t you love yourself?” 

And honestly I don’t know the answer to that question. Because it could be so many reasons. 



18 years of living 👽🍁💨 Living life on the edge of regret

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