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Crushed. Crumpled.

Clattering to the bottom of my rib caged. Piece by piece. One piece chipped from this things. Another cracked by him. Chunks ripped apart and holes left from bullet wounds. 

The worst kind of shattering feel the one that starts off by unrhymatized beating and rapid speeding of the pulse then it is a cringing feeling and the piece comes flying off all caused by what you ask? The three words “I love you”, the words that usually glue back the pieces but not when used in this way. The “I love you” that is said but not shown, especially by someone you would lay down and die for. Clatter. Bang. Shatter. 

The second worst shredding of the beating organ, the one from seeing something that completely crushes you and brings your crumpling body to the cold lifeless floor. The one that makes you stop breathing and creates bloodshot eyes. 

Clatter. Bang. Shatter. 

Crushed. Crumpled. 




18 years of living 👽🍁💨 Living life on the edge of regret

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