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Why me

Why me why did you choose me why me everything was perfect or so I thought

you were perfect or so I thoughtI never thought we would end or atleast not the way it did I thought we were something forever and so did everyone else or so they said apparently you had another someone more perfect than I ever was. You said that you guys were just friends you  told me not to worry about her but then things started to pop  up on her page from your username perfect stunning  beautiful gorgeous these words that I did not see myself as, I looked in the mirror and I saw ugly fat gross

You see I was not perfect,I was not perfect for you. I had these images  in my head that you were somehow in love with me that you were perfect and I did not want to damage that perfect picture that you had instilled in my brain. Every time something went wrong I did not put the  blame on you, when you put your hands on me the blame was on me that I did something wrong I deserved it when you were flirting with other girls,  not your fault my fault blame on me once again because you were perfect I am was in the  wrong because I am imperfection

Why me?  you left me emotionally dead I could not move and the only thing that could heal was you and you left me for dead. You did not care for when I was drowning in the ocean you put me in, you were swinmming safely to shore to someone who was there for you for four years and I was told not to worry about her that I was the one you wanted but why me why lie to me why put me through the  pain of something I’ve gone through so many times the same words I will not hurt you but yet the same hurt. The same heartbreak  was put on me, that you promise not to put on to me. 



18 years of living 👽🍁💨 Living life on the edge of regret

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